my massage

I offer a naturist full body Sensual massage done in a soft and playful style. I incorporate plenty of creatively administered body to body and allow gentle mutual touching at my discretion.

At the moment my sessions are not structured and I am just going with the flow of what I think the person I am massaging is enjoying the most and having some fun with it. I get a lot of joy out of figuring out the little things each person likes the feel of and gets turned on by and love to experiment with this.

I like to let the natural chemistry between me and whoever I am massaging dictate what I do and my massage sessions can be quite different depending on who I am with.

Please keep in mind that although I like to experiment that I expect the person I am with to be sensitive and receptive to the boundaries I set at all times.

*Just to be clear: kissing, oral or sex is not part of my sessions nor are these available for sale at a higher price.