my massage

My massage

I offer a naturist full body Sensual massage done in a playful and intimate style.

The way I like to massage is to use my body in as many different ways I can think of to massage the person I am with, and most of my massage is done with soft and oily skin of the various parts of my body rather than my hands.

I like to let the natural chemistry between me and whoever I am massaging dictate what I do and my sessions are never structured. I really enjoy going with the flow of what I think the person I am massaging is enjoying the most and having some fun with it. I get a lot of joy out of figuring out the little things each person likes the feel of and gets turned on by and love to experiment with this.

I generally allow and enjoy a degree of mutual touch, as long as the person I am with is sensitive and receptive to my preferences as well as my boundaries at all times.

*Kindly note I offer a sensual massage service only, and there is no kissing, oral or anything more on offer nor are these available for sale at a higher price.